November 15, 2005 10:15 PM

Sun Galaxy roadshow

This morning, I attended Sun Galaxy roadshow. Interesting presentations about new Opteron based Sun servers (X2100, X4[12]00) and also some details about Sun Ultra 20 workstation and VMware software. All presentations were well prepared and not pure marketing ;-) On the other hand, the pure technical details (lahf and sahf AMD64 platform instructions on EM64T, see this article for more details) were used as a pure marketing tool ;-) But all in all very interesting morning.

I met Pavel Lisı again after a year approx.

After thinking about current position of VMware, Xen and other virtualizers, I wonder when x86 hardware producers implement the possibility to create virtual machines directly to the hardware/BIOS. Imagine starting a completely new PC server you just bought:
No virtual machine defined. Please create one. Choose one of the following:
     Single machine         Wizard
Is it a dream only? No, this already works. Unfortunately not for x86/AMD64 :-( Why? When? -----

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