November 15, 2005 9:44 PM


SRC680_m140 is ready. POT files uploaded. My patch tree reduced significantly - many patches/child workspaces integrated.

My builds stopped in module svtools. The same for Caolan and he was also faster when filing an issue ;-) See #i57954# for more details (including not yet delivered files is not possible. It only works for Hamburg RE as a random coincidence). Ause promised to fix this on the master tomorrow.

Second issue (Missplaced close tag) is connected with commented region in one .xcu file. Ivo pointed us to issue #i57889#.

Ivo also notified us that child workspace c06 introduced some new German strings not encoded in UTF8, thus they won't be displayed correctly in the user interface.

BTW: new strings. I updated my PO tree to new POT files and realized that there are at least 9 new strings. It is OK for community translators using community build system (because they can update their GSI to the very last point), but already merged GSI files will be outdated immediately after the released. We have to changed either the cws integration/rejecting rules or the mechanisms for including GSI files. I'd like to hear your opinion. -----

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