September 16, 2005 9:48 PM

Today's work

I started builds of m130 (added Italian language on request ;-), helped to fix P1 in config_office (module unzip was deleted, but not from makefile.rc. Fixed by kz on master.), ported IZ feed to Sun Solaris and migrated it from my notebook to machine provided by Sun (I like non-GNU tools as much as .dylib on MacOS X ;-). Set it up to run via cron at 6am and 6pm my time.

Some IZ work (it was a real nightmare today - I had to log in at least 10 times!), we now have 17 issues with target 2.0. Rene and Volker promised to fix small build issues with target 2.0. There are also four MacOS X issues. I think we are on a good way to 2.0! -----

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