September 16, 2005 6:31 AM

SRC680_m130 is ready

The milestone SRC680_m130 is finished. Child Workspaces integrated: ause038, mhu10 and swahilidict.

Child workspace ause038 removed module unzip, so remove it from your source trees.

A few hours after announcement, the tagging of the source code was incomplete (modules salhelper, ..., zlib were not tagged). It was already fixed by nightly consistency check, but we should find out, what was the reason of this. My guess is that the site had to be rebooted several times yesterday, because we have seen a lot of problems with CVS server:
Sep 15 10:47:50 <paveljanik>    CVS through tunnel just told me:
Sep 15 10:47:53 <paveljanik>    Fatal error, aborting.
Sep 15 10:47:53 <paveljanik>    pjanik: no such user
Sep 15 10:49:06 <paveljanik>    ... and the same command works now ;-)
Update: Right now, Fri Sep 16 08:38:28 CEST 2005, I have received this from CVS server:
cvs [update aborted]: unrecognized auth response from localhost: cvs pserver:
   Invalid reply from auth server (3880) looking for (pjanik)
Update2: Right now, I have again received this from CVS server:
pavel@linux:~/.ooo/ooo_SRC680_m130_src/zlib> date -u; cvs -z9 up -r SRC680_m130 -dP; date -u
Fri Sep 16 07:06:26 UTC 2005
Fatal error, aborting.
pjanik: no such user
Fri Sep 16 07:06:27 UTC 2005
and also IZ doesn't work - Software error: Can't connect to databaseissues.

I filed issue #i54678# for this problem so we can watch its status (hmm, how could I enter it if it doesn't work? Don't ask me ;-). -----

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