May 17, 2005 9:38 PM

Exploring iSCSI

I spent a day studying iSCSI technology. Here are my notes.

iSCSI is Internet Small Computer System Interface ("Internet SCSI"), an IP-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities, developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force. It is defined in RFC 3720.

General information about iSCSI can be found at: It is supported in some Microsoft products and also in UNIX-like operating systems.

My main goal is GNU/Linux, where it is very interesting. There are implementations for both Initiator ("client") as well as Target ("server").

iSCSI Target implementation was started by ArdisTech for Linux kernel 2.4 and lately forked to now preferred implementation The Enterprise iSCSI Target Project. iSCSI Initiator implementation is available at

Interesting technology with several issues ;-) -----

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