May 14, 2005 6:24 PM

NSIS instalers

Sun developers (Martin H. and Ingo S.) integrated NSIS support into the build process for Windows. I have added support into my build system as well and thus Build-1 of SRC680_m103 is now available in both NSIS and old packaging format.

I have built all language install sets and all language packs using NSIS installer and during some testing with other language teams (thanks Ain) and Windows developers (Volker), we have identified several issues:
  • #i48740#: NSIS: images on wrong positions. The best way to describe this issue is to point you to the first or the second screenshot of the installer image
  • #i48741#: NSIS: wrong encoding of text. In the Czech NSIS installer, strings have wrong encoding (see screenshot).
  • #i49274#: Add Estonian to NSIS. NSIS installer has its own set of localizations available, and we have to map e.g. cs (as used in build process) to Czech (used by NSIS). This is done in the file in the source. The Estonian mapping was not there. This can be the case for other languages as well. If you do not have your localization in NSIS, you'll probably see parts of the installer in English.
  • #i49230#: Build NSIS installation set if NSIS tools are found by configure. There are still some fixes needed to the build infrastructure.
Please test NSIS installers very carefully and report new issues to IZ. -----

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