Sat Dec 31 14:48:46 CET 2005

Summarizing year number 2005

It is now here again. New Year. On December 31 last year, I wrote down some wishes I'd like to achieve in 2005. But as always, I still have 83 issues on My issues list, we have released 2.0 just before the OOoCon in September etc.

Before writing new wishes, I'll summarize events and things that I remember from world in 2005.

The most important event for me was release of 2.0 and ODF being accepted as OASIS standard (reverse order would be more appropriate!). The second most important event was OOoCon in Koper. Man, I enjoyed it! Lovely place for conference! The release of 2.0.1 has shown us that we have to be more pedantic in QA and also in the release process (timelines are good, but Christmas is not good time to have a release)! AMD64 porting is getting good shape now thanks to Kendy. Porting team for Mac OS X was formed (I even bought my first Mac to be able to help). We finally have Wiki! We had several dramatic failures in our infrastructure. Mail is crucial for communication, but IRC is also important and can help when mail doesn't work!

Forgot something? Let me know.

Now: what I'd like to do/see in 2006?
  • AMD64 builds out of the box
  • usable Mac OS X universal builds without X11
  • I'd like to cut down the list of MyIssues down under 40 at the end of the year (the current status is 83)
  • my community build system migrated to newly designed build-farm, more automated
  • Czech team at OOoCon 2006 with more presentations and more active members
  • at least three big public companies/institutions in Czech migrating to and publicly announcing it

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