December 23, 2005 10:19 PM

Watching Transition Videos

Apple published several Transition Videos on their developers' page. I enjoyed (French?) accent of the presenter, but in general: very informative, but you should start with the written document first to get good background.

And as promised to be neutral (hi Fridrich ;-), here is an annoyance I found when using Safari.

Safari is a web browser of Mac OS X. On a typical page with links, you see *many* blue texts that are links in fact. Good. When you move the cursor above the link, the link changes its color, it is underlined *and* the cursor changes to small "hand". Good so far. But I wonder why it doesn't change the color, why it is not underlined and why the cursor is still in the form of arrow if you are above the link to QuickTime video. Minor but very visible annoyance. Yes, I know, it is embedded object, but anyway: is it that hard to get it perfect? ;-) -----

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