December 18, 2005 9:56 AM

Updating Xcode to 2.2

During this weekend, I was updating almost all compilers on my build systems. This time, it was Apple's Xcode 2.1 on MacOS X. I want to play with Universal Binaries so I have to upgrade to Xcode 2.2.

I repeated the installation several times... I have two users on my system - the first user created during the installation (pavel) and separate user for building - user oo. As I downloaded Xcode 2.2 as user oo, I started the installation under its identity as well. Installer asked me for admin user (pavel) and for his password. After entering the password installation continued for random time and then error stopped it. Every time, it was Input/output error. I suspect (wild guess, if you have details, please provide them) that they run the second part of the installation under sudo and it simply timed-out ;-) So I decided to switch to the pavel user identity and finished the installation without problems.

After several experiments in Xcode IDE, I closed it, gcc_select 4.0 to use gcc 4.0.1 and voila, experimenting can start. -----

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