December 07, 2005 10:39 PM

Mac OS X Dashboard

I again spent some time today on learning the basics of Mac OS X Tiger UI (well, in the meantime when I prepared patch for OOo's stlport so it works with both gcc-3.3 and gcc-4.0 from XCode 2.1).

Today, it was the Dashboard, new feature introduced in Mac OS X Tiger. If you do not know it, you can imagine it as a noticeboard above your desktop. If you need something, you'll quickly look at the Dashboard (press F12) and if you are finished with it, you'll again look back to your desktop. What can be there? So called widgets. Quotes, calculator, Wikipedia, system status, weather forecast etc. Widgets are configurable, follow the Apple HIG etc.

Quite handy, very simple idea with perfect working. And what is important: it is very simple to create your own widgets! Another +1 for Apple (of course I have to be neutral: why I feel like in helicopter [citation from #qemu IRC channel] while Mini is doing CPU intensive stuff? ;-). -----

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