November 30, 2005 7:53 PM

Misc work today

Get ActiveCard USB reader working on GNU/Linux (pcsc's CCID driver is not packed inside bundle in SL10).

Added support for Persian (Farsi) to my build system.

Read some documentation and specs about AltiVec/Velocity Engine in G4/G5 processors. Hmm, the results of running openssl speed on low end-Mac mini (building at the same time) and my notebook are comparable (Mini is a bit faster even under load). I had to upgrade. My notebook.

Found out that Mac OS X 10.4.3 has some problems when one service/program tries to connect to firewall-ed remote port. The whole UI has been frozen for some time and I had to Force Quit it (the rainbow baloon is hardware-implemented or what, it was still rotating ;-). I tried to connect to wrong VNC display number on my iMac, my current build system (which is even slower than new Mini...). I hope to finish my first (only manual for now) build on Mini tonight (hoping the disk won't be full before the end).

Heiner solved my Solaris/SPARC issue #i54319# so I can remove my hack to skip checkdll segmentation faults and report/ignore them. -----

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