October 17, 2005 9:37 PM

OpenOffice.org translations for 2.0.1

2.0 is in release phase now. From the translators point of view, it is finished. Now we should move on to 2.0.1.

Translators using POT system should update their PO files to SRC680_m134.

The deadline for translations is November, 03 (two week from now)! See the release plan for 2.0.1.

If your language is already in my build system, please do not forget to update your GSI link regularly to get the latest GSI in the regular builds I do (check update_gsi_files file for your language, send me patch).

After every build is uploaded, check for existence of the file GSI_xy.sdf.err in build directory, because this contains error messages from gsicheck. See e.g. GSI_mk.sdf.err file. This way you can check your GSI without having to build OpenOffice.org at all. I do not inform responsive people about errors in their file.

If you have any questions, ask on IRC or in the mailing list dev@l10n. -----

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