October 07, 2005 3:57 PM

Funny dependency graphs

I explored various ways to create dependency graphs using free tools only. So far we had to use proprietary software and as I wanted to see the dependency graph of modules in OpenOffice.org, I decided to see what free software or open-source tools are available.

The third tool I tried was Graphviz. It is really powerful - see its gallery for example graphs.

The result of my work is a simple shell script that walks over prj/build.lst files and generates a graph from them (it can generate many formats, but I generated PostScript and PNG only).

Of course, several minor issues are there ;-) As always. The graph contains also StarOffice only modules (top, moz_prebuilt, print_header) and they stand-up from other stuff, module crashrep depends on module tools only for StarOffice. Very interesting module is xmerge. My build on GNU/Linux never enters it. Its size is 7.2MB etc.

The visualization is only approximative. I'd like to print it, but it looks like it is harder than I thought :-) -----

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