October 03, 2005 12:05 PM

My notes about OOoCon 2005 in Koper, Slovenia

I'll put various notes about OOoCon 2005 in Koper, Slovenia here.

My trip to Koper started on Monday evening, when I packed and took my wife and son to Brno to visit my mother-in-law. Tuesday in the morning, Adam and Ji were already waiting for me before Delvita in Brno. I had to visit petrol station to start with full tank and also to buy some beers for our friends. Interspar in Koper had them too, BTW ;-)

According to ViaMichelin, the trip from Brno to Koper should take 6 hours, 42 minutes. I wonder how they get this time, but our trip took exactly 6 hours and 42 minutes... Hmm.

Wednesday was full of meetings: CC, ESC, NLC. Other members of our team went to Venezia, IT to see how "the flood on purpose" looks like...

Several interesting meetings/discussions with Fridrich (I have never met anybody like him before ;-)), Damian, Eike, Michael, Caolan, Stefan, Martin, Rene, Javier, Radek, Kendy, Petr, Joerg, Laurent, Eric and others. Very interesting (and looong ;-) beer meeting with Eike, Stefan, Fridrich and Erwin. Erwin cheated though because he was sleeping while others were discussing important issues and he re-joined us at the end again.

The total number of kilometers: 1377. Average fuel consumption: 6.9 l/100 km. There are *wonderful* highways in Slovenia (new with nice sceneries). We have seen policemen with camera and radar. One hill after we tested the maximum possible speed of our car ;-) I hope my wife is not reading my blog, though.

Extremely wonderful media coverage thanks to Cyberpipe.

Many thanks to organizers!

I'll continue updating this blog entry once I remember all I wanted you to know ;-) -----

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