August 31, 2005 9:15 PM

Adding new languages into my build system

We are very close to release of 2.0. In fact, we are now in Beta 2 stage. We still have 24 issues with target OOo 2.0 though.

This was the reason to stop integrating new languages into my build system. Several people contacted me that they want to add their language now. I still wonder why they have not contacted me before in early beta phase, but they probably have their reasons.

I changed my decision and will integrate few new languages (what time permits). This is small HOWTO that should help you to make integration smoother. I'll only integrate languages with active teams. I do not want to build for the language that has old, unmaintained GSI files, because the CPU time, disk space and bandwidth can be used for other active languages instead.
  • I'll start adding new languages once child workspace oool10n20 is integrated.
  • Please make sure that the data about your language in our table are correct and complete.
  • Please send me the URL of your GSI file that is named GSI_cs.sdf.bz2 (bzip2 or gzip compressed GSI file where cs is the ISO code of your language). If you'd like to know the reason for this, see the script updating all GSI files I run just before every build.
That's it :-) -----

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