August 22, 2005 8:13 AM

Back from Sumava

I'm back from Šumava. There were many news last week in world. I'll update this entry continuously today;-)

One news from stable world: the milestone SRX645_m57 was updated again (new build number, new DicOOo and FontOOo wizards from dicooo1157 child workspace). I started Build-5 of this milestone (new RC3). GNU/Linux and also Windows builds are already uploaded.

News from development world: the milestone SRC680_m124 is ready with the following child workspaces integrated: fpicandrpath, fwk22, gslpatches3 and thesaurus20. The latest milestone SRC680_m125 is also available with the following child workspaces integrated: cmcfixes14, debianer, dicooo01, ibmjdk01, macosx10, mh19121, mtl10n04, myspellukr and nojava3. POT files for SRC680_m125 have been uploaded as well. -----

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