July 16, 2005 11:18 AM

SRC680_m118 is ready

The milestone SRC680_m118 is now ready. It integrated many child workspaces: dba20v1, dvoqbfix4, fs01, fs02, hsqldb5, impress51, impress61, impress63, linuxppc04, mh19104, nativefixer14, pl06, so8w98cjk, thb08 and vgbitmapcleanup.

Please test it very carefully. Many bitmaps were removed during the cleanup so have a look at bitmaps and their usage. Two known issues are removed images in module pyuno, directory doc and module extras (hjs mentioned them in EIS).

No changes in exported strings, so no need to updated POT files.

Update: See #i51409# for build breaker in module hsqldb and #i52061# for another build issue. -----

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