April 23, 2005 11:11 AM

Current status of OpenOffice.org 2.0 Czech

This blog entry (it is work in progress, I'll gather information from other team members as well) summarizes the current status of Czech OpenOffice.org 2.0.


We have an online translation statistics available at OpenOffice.org site.

UI is translated completely for a long time. Unfortunately there still are issues like moving files (like recent fpicker changes) that make it harder but we build every milestone with UI 100% translated. Our users are already working with latest milestones and we fix translation issues as they come. The feedback from our users is very good, the only problem is that they do not file issue after the issue is confirmed in our list and we have to pick all issues by hand and enter them in IZ.

76% of the helpcontent is translated as of now (8535 strings are not translated). We have a team of several translators working on the translation. We tried to contact translation agencies but the price offered was twice as high as we expected and the most expensive agency was about twice as expensive as the rest... So after discussions with our sponsors, we decided to stay with our current community based translation model. Our team is getting better and better :-)

Wizards are a real pain to translate because they are changed also in the English and there is no good way to see what has been changed in en-US so you can also apply it in cs. You have to translate them again. But we are on the good way, because we have them all translated. The only problem is that we have to check if we have the translation of the latest versions...


Our team is working on builds for GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS X and is also helping teams without build infrastructures to provide regular builds. We build all milestones for all operating systems for 21 languages (we also build de and en-US versions for crosschecking and we also use German version for reports so they get more attention from German developers ;-).

We still have to reinstall our new Solaris/SPARC build machine, but because it is too noisy, we are postponing it ;-)

I'm also working with several other teams to get their changes into the CVS, doing QA for them etc. This slows down our work somewhat but it is necessary to get these teams up to speed so they can work independently and efficiently.


Our current issues (minor) that affect our language in UI:
  • #i38421#: General Glossary: sorting naively?
  • #i42871#: "Installation Wizard" in English in localized language pack
  • #i47993#: extras: non-localizable strings "Site title" etc. in web wizard
  • #i42014#: calendar popup in agenda wizard ignores locales
Preparation of 2.0 release from marketing point of view

Waiting for the info from my colleagues. -----

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