April 16, 2005 9:20 AM

Deadline for merging translations into 2.0

Ivo Hinkelmann posted very important informations for translators/localizers. To sum up: the deadline for providing GSI / SDF files is 2005/05/20. Use the latest possible milestone to base your GSI on, because there still are changes in the source code. There is no need to file issues now, because you'll surely have newer GSI a week later. File the issue into component l10n few days before the deadline, assign to ihi (Ivo) and put a link to your compressed GSI file in it. Make sure that your GSI file is syntactically correct (use gsicheck -c -l "" myfile.sdf for checking).

If you need to merge any patches to the source code, please make sure that the author of the patch has signed JCA (see this page for details), file an issue to component l10n, subcomponent code, and assign to pjanik. The deadline for such patches is earlier - 2005/05/05. -----

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