April 03, 2005 6:27 PM

SRC680_m90 and SRC680_m90s1 finished

SRC680_m90 has been built by Hamburg RE. Child Workspaces integrated: afflitta, calc31, calcstopper, cloneefilterteam31, dba28, dr34, effectmigration01, freebsd1, frrtf02, frrtf03, fwkfinal3, fwkfinal4, fwkfinal5, groupingapi, impress38, impress40, jimmac01, macosx04, perform02, presfixes02, qadev22, sdkbugfix02, sj17, some20fix, spreadsheetml01, swqbugfixes18, swqcore08, swtableredline, systemmozilla, vcl37, vcl38, wordmlfilter02 and xmlsec10.

SRC680_m90s1 was released few days after SRC680_m90. It only contains two master fixes - files svx/source/dialog/optgdlg.cxx and vcl/source/gdi/outdev3.cxx (#i45456#). -----

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