March 29, 2005 6:44 PM

SRC680_m89 is ready

"Easter" milestone SRC680_m89 is now ready. It integrated following child workspaces: adc11, aw030, configure8, dba26, dba27, eforms4, fwkfinal1, fwkfinal2, gh10, hc680l10nimg, hc680pb3, hc680typo2, hsqldb3, i18n17, impress37, impress39, jl18, jmf5, os55, os56, pbfinal02, pj23, rt06, sj16, swqbugfixes16, swqbugfixes17, sysui06 and thumbnail2.

Interesting bits: three helpcontent child workspaces with *many* typos fixed, several build issues child workspaces.

POT files are already uploaded as well as my Build-0. -----

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