February 27, 2005 11:12 AM

64bit: current status

This diary entry describes the current status of OpenOffice.org 64bit porting to AMD64 architecture, effort of several people. You can read previous status here.

Little progress this weekend. I have identified and provided workaround or fixed several issues:
  • #i43612# - 64bit: gccinstlib.pl and "dual" gcc.
  • #i43601# - 64bit/AMD64: testtool and spadmin crashes
  • #i43604# - 64bit: support x86_64 RPM target for RPM packages
  • #i43592# - 64bit: Make help working
  • #i43598# - 64bit: Events are 32bit or 64bit?
To sum up, the following works comparing to the last month status: Martin fixed crash in _XIMCountVaList (#i43501#), help pages work, only images in help pages do not show (only Read-Error is flashing), installer creates RPM packages, testtool displays its UI and the same for spadmin.

You still have to run mkdir -p ~/.openoffice.org1.9.71.1/user/config/soffice.cfg before starting OpenOffice.org for the first time as described in previous status.

How to crash it? There are several ways to do so ;-)
  1. after opening the main window, move it. OpenOffice.org will crash after throwing com::sun::star::uno::RuntimeException in framework/source/accelerators/moduleacceleratorconfiguration.cxx
  2. in help: select flashing "Read-Error" image and press Ctrl+C, the same crash as above
  3. after Ctrl+N in the main window, the same crash as above
  4. ... to be continued ...
Do you want to try it? I will upload everything I have at ftp.linux.cz once new clean build is finished.

How to help? Try to compile OpenOffice.org on AMD64 yourself. Take one crash from the above list and debug it and provide fixes. Try to find more places where OpenOffice.org crashes and describe them.

Still a lot of work. Bridges expert needed... -----

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