February 18, 2005 10:32 PM

Python day ;-)

I had a Python day today. Child workspace pyunofixes1 and other fixes brought a new issues into my Windows builds (#i42947#) and much later (because of slow machine), similar problem appeared on MacOS X. Eric Bachard was so kind to report this issue, because he has seen it too (#i43074#).

The problem is that the python binary built as part of OpenOffice.org build process is run and must load dynamic library pyuno.dylib. The problem in Python-2.3.4 was, that on MacOS X/Darwin, the source file dynload_next.c (as in NextSTEP) was used instead of dynload_shlib.c. Second issue (again) was that Python doesn't know .dylib suffix as a valid shared object extension (again: the inventor of .dylib should be punished somehow). Unfortunately, this issue can affect more platforms.

But anyway, I'll start Build-3 of m79 on all platforms with updated GSI/SDF files tonight. I'll also include not-yet-perfect workaround for bus errors of testtool and spadmin on MacOS X so QA on these binaries can start. This has to be fixed correctly though. -----

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