February 16, 2005 11:03 PM

SRC680_m79 is ready

Milestone SRC680_m79 is now ready. Integrated child workspaces are: ause018, ause020, babelfish06, buildcond02, configure5, dmakevercheck, fpic1, kendy01, pj17, pj18, pyunofixes1, vq09 and vq10.

And now, we are close to beta. pj19 with thesaurus needs to be integrated and python build issue (import os reusing os.pyc file from solver *while* still building module python) on Windows/tcsh (at least) have to be solved (#i42947#).

Right now, there are 577 issues with target 2.0. There are at least five issues about thesaurus that have to be verified once pj19 is integrated. -----

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