January 30, 2005 8:59 AM

Builds of SRC680_m75

Builds on GNU/Linux are finished and uploaded.

Changes that are worth testing include:
  • child workspace helpcl was included, which means that #i22548# was fixed and I was even able to find the word "záloľka" in the help. This will make help translation easier, because you'll be able to search in it.
  • child workspace hc680postbeta was integrated, so there are many changes in helpcontent
  • I included changes from sb to fix the "decline license crash" issue (#i41130#)
  • Czech Contents tree in help is now completely visible after I found, filed and fixed #i41607# in my build system.
  • and last, not least, I have identified my problem with KDE plugin build to come from vclcompact child workspace, so I have temporarily disabled VCL visibility fixes and re-enabled KDE plugin again :-)
Builds for Solaris/SPARC and Microsoft Windows will follow soon. -----

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